This section is very close to my heart as it will give me the opportunity to write about all my favourite weddings and styled shoots. Since this was my very first blog I thought I would pour out my heart on how this achievement has not only helped me in my business, but has made us super proud and confident that we are on the right path.

So one fine morning, I got a message from the Fans’ Choice Awards panel stating that we ( Hana Florals) were nominated for Fan Choice 2018 for the month of March, I mean wow right !!. I thought it was a joke :), and my husband scolded me for giving in to ‘random messages’ (biggest Lol). Fast forward few days on, we were in full throttle trying to request our friends and fans to review and rate us based on our work, our designs, our product, our customer service etc.(Now I would like to add something here ahem! ahem!! not to blow my own horn!!)that these nominations are primarily submitted by existing customers and clients, who know and believe in our services and know that we probably deserve it.

So finally the wait was over and on April 2nd 2018 we received the good news that…that… 🙂 yippee YES WE WON!!!. This is an honour, a confirmation , and also a promise from our end that we will do everything we have in our power to make sure we do full justice to this award. I know I know you guys are waiting to see the actual award so here goes…

My knight in shining armour, our pride. In the end I sincerely do want to thank each and everyone that rated us and reviewed us. To all those small business owners who wake up each day to strive for excellence and do what your passion is, I just want to say keep your perseverance game high! as this is what helps you achieve your target and continually strive for the best. This award is proof, that the road obviously will be tough but that doesn’t mean you step back. a little secret I would want to share here, even though I had full knowledge of my floral design skills. My path was difficult, this path included of many people who either didn’t believe in me, or had something or the other to comment about the aesthetics of my designs.

BEST OF LUCK YOU GUYS!!! I am with you on this journey of excellence!



At first I thought about building a whole new post about this very important accolade of mine. But then I thought against it and you know why, because I want my readers to see the continuation of all our achievements over the years. I am truly proud of this distinction! It has plastered our position in  the wedding society of Ontario and for which I am truly honoured. Please also visit the link below to see a selection of all the floral designers in Ontario, so that when you are ready to make a decision you know exactly what to do. Don’t forget to scroll and look through all the designers.



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