Styled shoots are an integral part of brand forming (at least that’s how I see it), because it gives you the fluidity to design at your hearts content (ahem ahem!!!! checkout her killer crown). Brides these days do not feel comfortable experimenting, that being said some brides do actually go wild and crazy with their ideas ( those kind are my most favourite :)) and that’s why a styled shoot will allow you to design all those pieces that are considered unconventional and ‘out of the box’. This was my very first styled shoot which was styled like an ‘Alice in Wonderland Tea party”, and boy do I have some sentiments attached to this one. We not only managed to execute a flawless shoot (by a team of super talented people!!) but WE GOT FEATURED!!

2018 has definitely bagged a lot of pleasant surprises for me, and I am totally happy about it. To see a team of awesome vendors come together to produce, direct and coordinate a single piece of idea into a tangible product was a beauty in its own being. Keeping the theme in mind we had several elements that were replicated as would have been in the actual movie for e.g. the usage of vintage furniture, lots and loads of greens, and loads of moss that covered the furniture mainly being the tea table. Another thing I would like to point is the importance of good photography that was executed perfectly by Verviene Studios, they captured all the essential elements that brought the planners’ vision together. The minutest detail was given the utmost importance, for eg. the stationery used which consists of menu cards, place cards, invites etc..





Loads and loads of vintage furniture was used, to adorn the shoot, and not to forget our gorgeous models that are adorned with the right vintage makeup artistry to complete the look. Vintage forks and spoons plus plates were used as an add on perk. The shoot was conducted inside a lush forest, where the green background itself added well to the whole style. Vintage mirrors, gold bunnies, a vintage mirror etc ah! the dreamy setup!!

Click the link to checkout the whole styled shoot that made it to the editorials

Dreams do come true just as mine did!, Being a part of this shoot gave way to a lot of creativity for eg. I created thistle and green pom pom balls that were used on every plate with the invites, we then used spray painted gold leaves on hangers to be used as a backdrop. This fresh wisp of creativity got us featured in one of Toronto’s leading Wedding Magazine – The Wedding Chicks.


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