This year was predicted to be with loads of greens, a very free garden style. Brides want to do more of greenery runners with just a few specs of flowers here and there, this is one trend that is here to stay for a long time. These modern brides are still leaning towards blush and muted colors ( although the color of the year is Ultra Violet which is still popular) but their bouquet styles have loosened up , where they are seeking for loose style bouquets which give a fresh picked garden look.


Some more stylish bouquet styles are wreath bouquets or lantern bouquets that some brides dare to carry!! ( and trust me it looks awesome). Remember the times when brides wanted the soft round structured look, well, yes this look still exists BUT in this blog we are leaning more towards the modern fierce bride, and for centerpieces they are still looking for lush greenery runners embellished with a few flowers here and there.



I love it when brides add floral jewellery to adorn themselves on their big day. I am a big fan of floral pins, floral stickers and especially floral crowns like the one you see up there, doesn’t she look bombastic!!:). When the planner came up with this super cool boho style shoot, I immediately knew we needed a floral crown to complete the look, some also like to use flower crowns for their cute flower girls or pet collars, which would you choose?. When making floral runners, I usually love using a mix of greens, ranging from salal, lemon leaf, silver dollar eucalyptus etc or unless the brides asks for a certain kind of mix.

One thing very important that I would love to mention is when putting styled shoot together, be very mindful to include every little aspect of detail that correlates to you theme. In my career I have met some awesome planners like Classy Affairs, In the Six Weddings, Trade Sensations etc. that know how to execute every minute detail with finesse be it a styled shoot or an actual wedding. So if you plan to have your wedding in Toronto , Ontario make sure to check these companies out.



When planning your wedding make sure you pic a venue and theme that suits your style the best. Although, in this blog we mostly speak about a boho style wedding but that doesn’t stray away from the fact that some brides still prefer the blush structured look which is equally stunning. Oh before I end this blog, one thing that I feel brides don’t pay attention to is the color of their bouquet ribbon. Such a small tiny detail but so very important at least for me. Especially, if your are the nature loving garden bride.

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