This bride , I don’t know where I should start!!. She is one of those warm hearted personalities that can melt your heart right away. Her vision her presence was so engulfing that I had the utmost fun designing this wedding. Alice wanted to incorporate hues of burgundy in her bouquet and hues of blush pink for her bridesmaid (aka brides sister!). Her style was loose garden style and therefore her bouquets etc. were all also loose and free style. Brides these days are leaning more and more towards DIY, which is good but remember your wedding day is “your” day so even if you plan to DIY make sure you have a good team of people helping you out.

Isn’t she a cutie!! the brides sister loves pink so the bride decided that her sister should have a full blush pink bouquet. the flowers we used were roses, football mums, astilbe, ruscus etc. The bouquet was unstructured and loose just like the MOH’s personality.

FUN FACT about chrysanthemums :- They can be smooth or serrated on the edges. Leaves are arranged alternately on the stem. Chrysanthemum symbolizes happiness, joy, love or grief, depending on the color and the human culture. In certain European countries, chrysanthemum is a symbol of death and it is inevitable part of funeral bouquets (source – google). Since I had used chrysanthemum for the larger part of the bouquet both for the bride and bridal party I just thought some fun fact would be good. Our bride had a small intimate wedding, therefore we focused more on the bridal party flowers. Hey!! how come you guys didn’t ask me about the beautiful brides picture 🙂 don’t worry I am definitely ending this blog with my most favourite picture. TAAADAAAAAA……..

A little blurry 🙂 but her gorgeousness shines through anyhow………

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