Ok, so I know it will sound totally clichéd if I keep rambling about my brides and how awesome they were yadayada!!!!! but I cant help it. You know guys for any vendor in the wedding industry, be it in photography, videography or OH MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! wedding planners, (oh by the way if you live in Toronto and are looking for some awesome videographers please do check out Amaros Media, Wishtree Cinemas, Ferro Videography etc.) to be connected to a sweet bride is a blessing in disguise :). So back to the burgundy and gold wedding, Kristen wanted an all burgundy for her flowers, her décor was all black and white and all the vases and cutlery were in hues of gold.


        If burgundy then burgundy it is!, we used different textures in the same shade and the flowers that we focused on were all summer\fall flowers like dahlias, burgundy anemones, smoke bush, burgundy astilbe, burgundy carnations (one of brides fav flower). Kristen chose a metallic finish gold vase color for all her table décor vase, and her table flowers also consisted of spray white carnations to slightly break the monotone color.

 Greens are a very essential part of floral designing as greens determine the structure of the final piece. For the corsages and buttonholes we went total burgundy again, My main focal flower that I used in the wedding was Dahlias and as a norm let look at one fun fact about dahlias.


The dahlia is named after Swedish 18th-century botanist Anders Dahl.The dahlia is the official flower of the city of Seattle. It originated in Central American in  16th century. Spanish Botanists discovered it growing wild on the sandy hillsides of Mexico. 🙂

So obviously with Dahlias being the focal flower in this wedding, it was only obvious that we would design the brides bouquet with lush burgundy Dahlias and smoke bush. The style we opted for was a loose garden style bouquet therefore it was a free flowing unstructured bouquet, and remember guys how I had stressed on the point about choosing the right bouquet ribbon so in this case because the bride would be wearing a black sash around her waist. the ribbon Kristen chose a black and white ribbon to match her theme. Her bridesmaid too had bouquets that were all burgundy with black ribbons. And last but definitely NOT the least, here’s the beautiful bride and groom themselves!!.


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