Spoiler Alert!!!! This post will be filled with gorgeous shots. You ask why??? 🙂 Reason being that the planner Fariday Events (another awesome planner you need to check out while in Toronto) has put her heart and soul into this styled shoot. We at Hana Floral Designs and Co. pride ourselves into being able to mould ourselves into your vision and that is exactly what we did with Faridas’ vision. She wanted a vintage modern look with the right flair of ethnic fusion. The models’ dress was made to perfection, and because the color of the dress was light pistachio green, the floral colors were all in blush tones with the right splash of hot pink.





Woah did my heart just skip a beat looking at those gorgeous details, oh come on don’t tell me you guys didn’t notice the vintage gold plates, the candelabras, the gold vintage cake stand, and OH SO DEAR dialup Victorian style phone. Can anyone guess which focal flower would I be discussing today?? that’s right Calla Lilies. But wait on we will discuss that a little further on. Lets talk about Fusion weddings, oh how I love them, the binding of two cultures – what could be more unique then the magic of two cultures coming together. the love, the colors, the festivities, the tradition I could go on and on. So talking about fusion, what would a fusion wedding bouquet look like?:) not different at all, at the end it all will reflect the couples love their respect for each other which will in turn reflect on their presence and décor.



For this shoot, the most talented Farida decided to go with a round but loose bouquet, what we really focused on was the colors of the overall florals used which were ivory, blush peach, hot pink etc. In all my blog posts there is one thing that is very common and that is the usage of lavish greens, and green runners so here too, we adorned this shoot with greens and oh don’t forget the green runner!!. To bring a twist to the runner, I finished each side with a gold dangling mesh ball to finish the full look. The jewellery worn by the model looked absolutely stunning, and also added a rich glow to the theme. And now before we end our blog let me leave you guys with a fun fact about the focal flower that we used, yes you guessed it right!!! The Calla Lilly..

The Calla lily is a perennial bulb. Though called a lily, Calla lilies are not really lilies.
Calla is a flowering genus of twenty-eight species originating in Africa and growing mostly in marshy areas. Calla lilies are grown from bulbous roots with finger-like growths. (source – google).

I hope you enjoyed this post my friends as much as I enjoyed writing it and now let me leave you guys with this last delight!!


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