Who We Are .

Flowers say it all!!

At least that’s what we believe in and I am sure you agree too!!. I come from a very different educational background, but floristry has always been at my core. Back in the days, I majored in Bachelors of Information Technology, but do you guys want to know what memory I hold close to my heart?. It is that of making clay flowers and baking them ( Well, super LOL!! at least’ trying’ to bake them) in our oven. And then I decided, it was time to learn the Art of Floral Artistry, but my super talent also includes learning visually ( ahem!!! don’t know if that’s a thing :)), but what I mean is that I regularly used to follow the artists I get inspired by and then try to amalgamate their style into mine.

Anyways, fast forward to the time we landed in this glorious country Canada and I finally decided to pursue my dreams and start my own business in 2016. Although, I learnt my art in Dubai, my home , my country where I grew up, it was in 2016 that I was finally able to work my knowledge to its fullest. We started with a retail space and I don’t think I will ever get rid of my ‘love nest’ as I call. In this day and age where the ‘online space’ has taken over the world, the idea of meeting new faces day in and day out is my biggest reason for owning a retail space. Did I tell you guys that along with boutique floral designs, we also carry a wide array of plants and if we don’t carry your choice of plants on the spot then don’t worry we can order them for you too. Our services include a full range of sympathy arrangements too.

Last but definitely NOT the least, my biggest award for 2018 came through when we won the Business Fans’ Choice Award month of March 2018. This is for you my customers, my brides, our clients, a promise that we will deliver our best for you. and try to meet with your needs diligently.

Rashida Tinwala